Madea, Nene Leakes, Wendy Williams, and Rupaul yall better watch out cause Aunt Tee is on the scene!
  "Coming To a theater near you". Don't miss the latest addition to the Brown Family of Characters. Aunt Tee is Coming To Town!
You don’t know how funny Willie Brown & Woody are until you see them live. They’re not just your average comedian/ventriloquist team. Brown takes a different approach to the age old craft by making it fresh, new, & hip for today’s more savvy comedy audiences. It’s not just about seeing him not moving his lips, & hearing Woody speak. “It’s about the jokes”, says Brown. After watching this act for a few moments you forget that Willie is there and it seems as if Woody transcends into a standup comedian on his own. Willie does the set up and Woody gives the punch! Willie Brown is a nationally known ventriloquist who has appeared several times on BET Comic View, HBO DEF Comedy Jam, Loco Comedy Jam, Phaturdays, The Jenny Jones Show, & most recently in a recurring role on the Showtime Network series “Barbershop”. From topics such as family, church, how to deal with the homeless, to current events, Willie Brown & Woody bring it.

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